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Song: Rolling in the Deep
Artist: Adele
Fandom: X-Men Movie Series (X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X3: The Last Stand, X-Men: First Class)
Details: 4:03 minutes, 52.3 MB, avi
Summary: "And I will always be there, old friend." Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, from beginning to end.
Warnings: Predictable song choice (I’m so sorry, I had to), spoilers for all four movies, blood, mild violence, concentration camp imagery, shooting, stabbing, choking, brief suggestions of torture, multiple deaths. Such a happy vid!
Disclaimer: This video was made purely for entertainment purposes only. The X-Men films  in all rights and forms belong to Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Film Partners, and any other respective owners. I am making no profit whatsoever from this video, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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This was not the song I planned to vid Charles/Erik too. At all. I had ideas of picking something obscure and atmospheric, not...well, um, the most popular song in the world at the moment that can be used for any fictional love story gone wrong. But Adele tapped my shoulder and whispered HEY VID ME VID ME, and I couldn’t resist, not when images fell into place in my head without even trying. It clicked with me, and when that happens, you don’t argue with it, you just let the inspiration take you where it leads. I love somewhat-pop songs with incredible beats and gorgeous instrumentation, and Adele has that in spades. I think I’ve found my new vidding soulmate. You and me, Adele, you and me.

I nearly named this "ALL THE FEELINGS," because it’s an accurate description. All my feelings, ever, about Erik and Charles and Erik/Charles and four movies worth of (most of the time) perfection with regards to their relationship. This has been my baby for the past three weeks, and I'm starting to become a little concerned that it ate my head during the process. (Locked myself away, hardly talked to anybody, practically forgot to eat, didn't watch any vids or read any fic or participate in the First Class fandom, just worked day and night until it was done from the moment I had the idea. That can't be healthy.) It certainly ate my heart. Superheroes give me more emotions than any other fandom, I swear. Between this and Thor and Captain America, my heart’s about to explode. (But that’s another vid post.) The lyrics naturally align themselves with Erik’s story and his POV, and he tends to have the more visually impressive moments ideal for a vid, but I tried to ensure that as much of Charles’s side, his emotions, and his story were represented as I could within the structure of the song. There’s a tiny blip of footage before the bridge that’s not in high quality, which makes my inner perfectionist scream in agony, but hopefully it’s not too distracting or off-putting. Many thanks to silver_autumn at LJ for betaing!

(The font I used for the end credits is called "Magneto." I lol'ed.)

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