Date: 2011-08-07 05:02 pm (UTC)
lorem_ipsum: (walking in the sky by delurker)
From: [personal profile] lorem_ipsum
Love the vid! At the beginning, I thought the song was completely (tonally) wrong for these two, but you won me over before I had finished my first viewing! Now I'm rewatching this twenty times trying to pinpoint exactly when you had me. I think it's at the first "we almost had it all"--the vid was definitely getting to me before then (flying Magnetos!), but the dissolve at 0:48-0:51 from fassy!Erik to mckellan!Erik really drives home the scale of their tragic doomed love, the way their relationship has shaped their *whole lives* even though they're not together and can never reach a meeting of minds.

I especially love Magneto turning the prison guard's blood to mist followed by Xavier's Dismayed Face. It's shortly after then when I start wanting to cry, because THE FEELINGS, I CANNOT TAKE THEM. And "throw your soul through every open door" with the clips of Raven, so adorable and sad. And the clip of Xavier's FEET, omg.

There's a thing that pretty much all my favorite vids have in common; the vid says things which change the meaning of the song. You definitely do that here, because it's a very angry song and yet the story is about so many other feelings, too.

Other special mentions: 1:10-ish with Charles uncovering Erik's happy memory; 1:50 when Charles pounds the airplane wall; 2:08-2:12 with Erik using his powers masterfully and scarily and the fact that the lyrics here make this bit parallel to the happy memory bit (which is about *Charles* powers--and so the connection is drawn between being "played" and the ethical implications of their powers).

And always when I get to the end I'm just flapping my hands and going AAAAAHHHH (in the good way).

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